The following Terms and Conditions govern all orders placed with Denial Print Co. By placing an order, you agree to the following:

Design Specs, Minimum Quantities and Print Sizing:
Please refer to our website for current design/file specs, minimum quantity requirements and print sizing. Any orders submitted must be in compliance with the current guidelines.

Turn-Around Time:
Turn-around times are approximate and not guaranteed. Turn-around times do not begin to run until all requested information is provided and full payment is completed. Shipping time is in addition to turn-around time. Holidays, inclement weather or other factors beyond our control may affect turn-around or shipping times. We may process rush orders for an expedited fee as our capacity permits. Do not submit any order with expectations of a guaranteed delivery date unless agreed to in writing by Denial Print Co.

Goods Supplied by Customer:
In most circumstances, we will print on goods supplied by you, if requested. Once a proof is approved, we will begin your project and no alterations can be made. We will not be responsible for damages, shortages or misprints on customer-supplied goods. All goods are provided at your own risk. Please supply extra quantities of approximately 5% over the target number of prints to account for normal variances in the screen-printing process.

Quote, Proof and Final Quote Process:
Upon receipt of your order, we will review your specifications and provide an estimated quote based on the information you provided. An invoice for payment, final quote and proof will be sent to you. Carefully review all the details and the proof to ensure accuracy. Note that colors often look different on a computer screen than they do once printed. In the event of any questions, please contact us immediately before approving the proof and submitting payment. Once payment is submitted, no modifications or alterations can be made to your order. You accept the ultimate responsibility for ensuring your proof accurately reflects your order.

Pick Up/Acceptance of Goods:
You are expected to examine your finished product upon pick up or receipt of shipped goods. In the case of pick-up, you must bring any issues to our attention at the time of pick up. You will be asked to sign a final approval and inspection upon pick up, stating you have inspected the goods and they are satisfactory. If goods are shipped to you, you must inspect the goods and report any issues within one business day of receipt. For goods timely reported, you have two business days to return the goods to Denial Print Co. using the same method as the goods were provided to you (ie: pick up or shipping). Failure to timely report any issues or return goods constitutes a waiver of any and all claims for defective printing or merchandise.

Goods designated for pick up must be picked up within 60 days or will be considered abandoned. No refunds will be issued for abandoned property. Please ensure we have your accurate contact information on file.

We expect that any printing issues will be brought to our attention upon pick up of the goods or upon receipt of shipped goods in accordance with our policies. You agree that you will not file a dispute (chargeback) with your credit card company for legitimate, billed charges after acceptance of your goods. You agree that if you dispute any legitimate (ie: quoted) charges with your credit company after your receipt of goods, you are responsible for all associated bank charges, attorney’s fees and collection costs.

Order Quantities:
Sometimes your print run may be off by a few pieces due to vendor shortage or misprints. Please account for this in your ordering quantities and order a few extra pieces. We will issue a credit or refund for any quantities charged but not provided. However, we cannot do an extra run for a just a few missing pieces.

Limitation of Liability:
You agree that Denial Print Co.’s limit of liability for any damages or claims related to your transaction is the amount of any fees paid to Denial Print Co. for your project, regardless of the nature of the claim asserted.

In the event of any disputes, the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania shall apply and any disputes shall be filed in the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia.