We offer a full-service tag removal and replacement, using a one-color screen printed tag. When doing printed tags on white or light shirts, there is a risk of the tag showing through the back. We recommend using a light grey ink when printing tags, as it works well with most color garments.

Some brands work better with tag removal than others. We recommend Anvil Fashion Fit 980 and Next Level 3600.


Do you have tags you need sewn into your garments? We can replace existing neck labels, or sew labels onto many other locations on your garments.


If you are looking to make your products retail-ready, we can attach hang tags to each of your garments.


We can fold and individually bag each item for you. This helps ensure your garments stay clean and professional-looking for resale. This also helps you stay organized easily on-the-go.

Once folded and bagged, we will apply a size sticker to the outside of the bag. We can also label the bags with the type of garment to help distinguish between similar items (mens/womens, t-shirts/tank tops, hoodies/crewnecks).

We can provide custom size labels (1.875” x 0.843”), with a custom logo or website information, for an extra charge.