Screen printing is the fastest, and most cost effective process for large runs of 20 of more pieces. This method also has the most durability and washability out of our services. 

Why Screen Print?

Screen printing looks the most professional out of the current printing methods You are also able to achieve opaque and vibrant, and custom mixed colors using the Pantone Solid Coated system (opens in new tab).

There are also specialty metallic, reflective, and dimensional inks available to give your print a unique look. Some of these processes require a minimum quantity order. 

Anything I should know?

We typically will not print over seams. Doing so will surely crack the ink at the location of the seam. Some thick seams will also effect ink coverage on the rest of the print. 

Some dyed garments will change color in the curing process. Some garments may also discolor or disperse the ink, which we call migrating.