Direct To Garment (DTG) is a digital print that puts your image directly onto a garment.

Why DTG?

You can achieve full color prints without paying the cost of a multicolor screen print. It is a great method for sampling your product before committing to a large run. 

Anything I should know?

Blanks used for DTG MUST BE 100% COTTON. The inks are designed to specifically adhere to cotton fabric. Printing on anything else is at the customers own risk. Typically we will suggest a transfer process for anything other than cotton. 

DTG print size is up to 14″ x 16″. 

DTG can not print over or near any seams, hems, or stitches.


Color is limited to the CMYK Spectrum, meaning no fluorescent colors. to anticipate the true colors of your print, design in CMYK, or convert your graphic to CMYK before sending your graphic to us. 

Printing on dark garments will require a white base. Direct to garment is opaque, but not as opaque as vinyl or screen printing. 

Incorrectly washing a DTG printed garment may result in rapid print degradation.