Pricing Factors

  • Quantity
  • Number of embroidered locations
  • Garment style and color
  • Turn around time
  • Embroidery size (Stitch Count)

Recommended Quantities

There is no minimum for embroidery. There is a one time setup fee to digitize your design at a certain size. The same design resized will require it be be redigitized.

Garment Types

Embroidery works on all fabrics. Fabrics that are too thin or too thick may cause some issues, but we will always try something new. Fabrics with high stretch such as spandex may cause the fabric to bunch when layed flat.

Recommended For



We have a variety of hoop sizes that can handle up to xx” x xx”. We recommend graphics with minimal detail and colors at small sizes.

Minimum Quantities

There is no minimum quantity.