Whats the biggest you can print?
Each printing process has its limitations.
Screen Printing: Standard size is up to 14″ x 16″. Jumbo size up is up to 15″ x 21″ and costs extra.
DTG: 12″ x 16″ DTG cannot print over seams.
Vinyl: There is no set vinyl size. That said vinyl does not last when going over seams. Our heat press is also 16″ x 20″.
Embroidery: We have a variety of hoop sizes to accommodate from 1″ x 1″ up to 1″ x 1″  
Digital: Our large format printer can print up to 52″ wide by whatever length you need. Keep in mind large prints such as wallpapers will need to be tiled. 
Garment size is also a factor. We can only go as big as your smallest garment. If you are getting XS-5xl we can only go as big as we can on the XS.   
Can you change the graphic size for each size shirt?
Screen printing: No. If you need the same graphic printed at a separate size we will need to make screens for those dimensions. This would be considered a completely separate order.
DTG: Yes. If you need separately sized graphics please be as specific as possible as to what gets what.
Vinyl:  Yes. may change price
Embroidery: Yes, however different sized embroideries require separate setups. Each separate size embroidery of the same graphic will have its own setup fee.